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Is Legal Technology Important to My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Here’s How Our Bay Area Personal Injury Attorneys Handle Technology

Technology has become an integral part of day-to-day life. From computers to cellphones, Facebook to Twitter, Microsoft to Google; tech is everywhere. At Heinrich Law, PC, we understand this fact of life.

Our Bay Area personal injury attorneys understand how a simple Facebook post could turn your personal injury case upside down. We understand that combining the data from your Fitbit with your medical records and expert testimony can help win your case. We utilize these strategies to help bolster the lawsuits we present in court. However, these are not the only effects modern technology can have in the courtroom.

Technology in the Courtroom

In the legal world, we are constantly adopting new technologies to improve the way the court system works. Across California and many parts of the nation, courts have adopted electronic systems to complete important tasks. Whether that system involves filing a lawsuit electronically, or submitting evidence in electronic formats, our Bay Area personal injury attorneys are intimately familiar with the uses of this new technology.

Other Ways Heinrich Law, PC Attorneys Use Technology

In a recent car accident lawsuit, we used computer animations and graphics to prove that our client was not responsible for a crash with a sheriff’s vehicle. That case resulted in a $3 million settlement in our client’s favor. In another instance, our law firm used videos, graphics and animations to help explain the complex injuries suffered by our client. That case resulted in a $1 million settlement in our client’s favor. Heinrich Law, PC routinely goes the extra mile to use videos, graphics and animations to prove our client was not at fault and / or to prove the serious nature of our clients’ injuries.

The Bay Area personal injury attorneys at Heinrich Law, PC understand what the latest technology can do for your lawsuit. We use these tools as a part of our client-focused work efforts, and our clients appreciate our dedication to their cases. If you believe you have a personal injury lawsuit that could benefit from our cutting-edge approach, please fill out our contact form or give us a call at (510) 570-1608.