Who We Are?

Open and Honest Communication – Understanding a Client’s Goals

Our intention when working with each client is to develop a relationship grounded in the understanding that it is through open and honest communication that we are:

  1. able to most effectively articulate the client’s position on their behalf
  2. able to work with genuine commitment to meet the individual client’s goals and
  3. free to be completely transparent regarding the client’s options

Establishing this unobstructed line of communication early on builds the kind of professional relationship we believe our clients deserve.

Lawyer as Advocate and Counselor

Maintaining a limited client base is an integral aspect of our commitment to providing personalized, high quality legal representation. We do not allow our client base of active cases to grow to a proportion that is inconsistent with the quality of representation that we demand and you deserve. This is because, in addition to being your advocates throughout the claims process and in the courts of law, we take our role as counselors seriously. In our view, this means that along with drafting compelling documents and crafting persuasive arguments, our job is to provide you with the information you need to understand the legal processes and principles at issue in your case. By working together, our clients have the opportunity to provide invaluable insight that helps us with the prosecution of their cases.

Putting it all Together

Consistent communication and informed partnership allow us to ensure that our clients’ interests are clearly reflected in, and serve to guide, the manner in which their case is approached. While we prepare all cases as if they are going to trial, each client receives counsel on the costs and benefits of seeking resolution of their case without resorting to costly and time-consuming litigation. For those cases where this is not an option, clients are provided with a roadmap of what to expect during the litigation process, and the opportunity to offer input as the case progresses through the pleading phase, then into discovery and beyond. Client-centered legal representation is our goal.

Skilled Representation from Experienced Lawyers with a Proven Track Record

Over thirty years of experience and hard work generates excellent results. Heinrich Law attorneys have an established track record of obtaining outstanding settlements, judgments, and verdicts on behalf of clients. Attention to detail, thorough preparation at every stage of the case, careful management of our resources, and a commitment to client-centered representation allow us to utilize our extensive experience with an eye to the unique needs and experiences of our clients.