Seriously Injured in a Bike Accident?

Our Trustworthy Oakland Bicycle Accident Attorneys Can Help

Picture of CyclistOur community strives to be greener and cleaner, and that includes adopting alternative forms of transportation. As more people in Oakland and throughout Alameda County adopt bicycles as their preferred method of getting around, it becomes more important that their safety is protected. California law requires drivers to share the road with bicyclists, but many drivers have difficulty do this.  That safety issue can spell big trouble for bike riders all over the Bay Area. Our Bay Area attorneys are here to help when negligent drivers injure riders and their families.

At Heinrich Law, PC we are dedicated to helping clients rebuild their lives by providing high-quality, personalized legal representation. With over 30 years of legal experience, our team knows how to help clients get results. Paralegal Andrea Searby, an avid bicyclist herself, provides critical assistance that improves our client relations. Firm partner Ethan Wimert has a track record of success representing California bike accident victims who were injured by negligent drivers. Our founder Marjorie Heinrich defended corporations and insurance companies for 20 years before switching sides to help plaintiffs. Now, her experience helps Oakland cyclists fight insurance companies that try to minimize compensation for their injuries.

What Dangers Do Cyclists Face in Alameda County and the Rest of California?

From 2007 to 2013, 87,845 cyclists have been injured here in California, and over that course of time, the injury rate also rose 21 percent (California Department of Public Health). This is alarming considering that the popularity of bicycle use continues to grow every day. Here are some hazards that can catch these riders off guard:

  • Uneven road surfaces,
  • Other bicyclists, and
  • Negligent motorists.

Cyclists can find themselves particularly vulnerable in traffic situations. Their only protection against vehicles that outweigh them by thousands of pounds is often just a helmet and pads. Despite this fact, drivers still neglect to notice these vulnerable road users or give them appropriate consideration. This negligence can lead to dangerous collisions that car drivers are often responsible for.

Motorists may cause serious crashes if they make right-hand turns and fail to check for cyclists. However, just opening the car door without looking can lead to broken bones or worse. Dooring is a common type of collision where a cyclist crashes into the door of a parked car after the driver neglects to check for oncoming vehicles.  Heinrich Law has extensive experience representing cyclists who have been seriously injured in this way.

Do Dockless E-Bikes and Scooters Jeopardize Public Safety?

Another popular biking trend is leading to injuries that some bicyclists and tourists may not be expecting. Dockless e-bike and electric scooter rentals have become the latest transportation craze here in Oakland and across the Bay Area. Tourists are using these bikes to zoom around to destination sites while commuters are using them to get to work while avoiding traffic. Yet this super convenient travel option has hidden perils.

People all over California and the rest of the country are reporting accidents and injuries resulting from the use of these rental services. Pedestrians are tripping over bikes and scooters that have been left in public walkways. Riders are crashing after brake failures and other mechanical malfunctions. Reports of broken bones and head injuries caused by malfunctioning rental e-bikes have forced some companies to act.

Lyft, a rideshare company invested in many e-bike rental businesses, has recalled many of its e-bikesdue to overpowered brakes. However, are the victims of these failures being compensated for their injuries and damages? Rental companies often do not supply safety gear such as helmets, amplifying the effects of any injuries a rider sustains. Claims that these e-bikes and scooters have not been properly maintained are also leading many to blame these companies for these resulting injuries. This is why the people who have been hurt by e-bikes and scooters should contact an Oakland bicycle accident attorney immediately.

How Our Oakland Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help

At Heinrich Law, PC, we fight to help bicycle accident victims get the compensation they need. We have experience tackling the legal issues faced by injured cyclists, and we use the latest legal technology to help prove our clients’ cases. Even our clients agree that our experienced legal team will go the distance for the compensation you deserve. When you need an Oakland bicycle accident attorney, look no further than the quality service at Heinrich Law, PC. The initial consultation is free, so call us at (510) 570-1608 or fill out an online contact form today.