Are You Struggling After a Serious Motorcycle Accident?

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Photo of a Motorcycle Vs Car AccidentWhy do you ride a motorcycle? Is it to be closer to nature as you ride through the natural beauty of California? Or is it the freedom and comradery provided by the motorcycle community?  Or is it because of the insane Bay Area traffic and need to get to work on time? No matter your reason for riding, you are probably aware of the risks involved in riding on the open road. However, you may not have realized that having the right attorney by your side may help you when it comes to dealing with your injuries and damages after someone else causes you to crash. That help could prove to be the difference between keeping your job and maintaining your lifestyle or falling into debt after a crash.

When drivers fail to share the road with their motorcycling counterparts, catastrophes are bound to follow, and that is why our attorneys are here to help. Heinrich Law, PC, has over 30 years of legal experience that can help riders and their families after a motorcycle crash. Whether the rider has suffered a traumatic brain injury, a spinal cord injury, broken bones, or has succumbed to their injuries, we are here to provide support for riders and their families.

What Dangers Do Motorcyclists Face on California Highways?

Did you know that there are more motorcyclists riding in California than in any other state in the nation? Almost 900,000 motorcycles are registered in our state, and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, those motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in a crash than the occupants of other motor vehicles. That makes motorcycle safety a high priority for state traffic officials and our Oakland motorcycle accident lawyers.

Motorcyclists make up 15 percent of all motor vehicle accident deaths in California, yet only around 3 percent of vehicles registered in California are motorcycles. So why do motorcyclists take up such a large portion of motor vehicle fatalities? Motorcycle riders may enjoy more freedom on the open road, but they are also more vulnerable. Only a helmet and a few pieces of padded safety gear protect riders from the multitude of dangers. Considering that other vehicles often outweigh motorcycles by hundreds if not thousands of pounds, you have a recipe for disaster.

In 2015, the California Highway Patrol reported 494 motorcycle deaths and 13,662 motorcycle injuries. Roughly 75 percent of these collisions involved a motor vehicle other than a motorcycle. This means that the negligent driving habits of motorists can often have serious, even deadly consequences for motorcyclists who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In a case litigated by Heinrich Law, PC, we established how an unsafe lane change by a United States Coast Guard employee led to our client’s life-changing injuries. The case settled for $750,000 after four years of litigation and shined a light on the dangers of inattentive driving.

Why Do Motorcyclists Need an Attorney?

Motorcycle crashes may lead to severe injuries that can change a motorcyclist’s life forever. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 30 percent of all non-fatal motorcycle accidents involve leg and foot injuries. These injuries can include road rash, lacerations, broken bones and even amputation. The next most common motorcycle injuries involve the head and neck, followed by upper body and torso injuries. Sustaining an injury to any of these areas could lead to expensive medical bills and recovery times that span for years.

If a motorcycle accident was caused by a negligent or reckless driver, then the victim may be entitled to compensation under the laws of California. Even employers can be held responsible for a crash caused by an employee who was on the clock at the time of the crash.

What Kind of Help Can an Oakland Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Provide?

Determining who is at fault is why consulting with an experienced Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer is critical to the recovery of motorcycle crash victims. Combing through the evidence and dealing with the complexities of filing a lawsuit can be an extra burden that injury victims should not have to face alone.

Survivors of these devastating crashes must find a way to maintain their lifestyle while medical bills continue to pile up and they are unable to work. Insurance payments don’t always cover all the damages and medical costs, and in some instances, it may be necessary to take your insurance company to court as well.

At Heinrich Law, PC, we have experience on both sides of the aisle when it comes to personal injury cases. Our founder, Marjorie Heinrich, spent 20 years defending insurance companies and other corporations from legal claims brought by motorcyclists. This means that she is intimately familiar with the tactics that are often employed by the defense, which gives the seriously injured an advantage in court.

Do You Have Questions for a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

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