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How Can I Afford Medical Costs When I have Been Seriously Injured?

An Oakland Injury Attorney from Heinrich Law, PC Is What You Need

When someone else’s negligence harms you or a member of your family, you cannot afford to waste time. Witnesses can change their stories, and evidence can be lost, giving the opposing party or their insurance company a chance to strengthen their case. This is why you should contact an Oakland east bay injury attorney immediately after being injured in an accident.

At Heinrich Law, PC, we understand the struggles faced by the victims of a serious personal injury.  We have represented people throughout Northern California for over thirty years. We track down the evidence, build a case, and inform our clients of their rights. This strategy has helped previous clients achieve excellent verdicts and settlements.  Though every case has different results, depending on the experience at our Oakland personal injury law firm will give your claim and lawsuit an advantage.

Broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and severe dog bites can lead to long recoveries and expensive hospital bills. Thankfully, California state law offers remedies for the victims of negligence. Here is a list of matters our Alameda injury attorneys can help you with:

To see what Heinrich Law, PC can do for you, give us a call at (510) 570-1608 or fill out our online contact form. The initial consultation is free and will help you understand how an Oakland east bay injury attorney can help you and your family.