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Suspect Your Loved One Is the Victim of Nursing Home Negligence?

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Our golden years are supposed to be the best years of our lives. However, the threat of elder abuse and nursing home negligence is casting a shadow on that perception. The National Center on Elder Abuse claims that the prevalence of elder abuse is around 10 percent. If this is true, then around one in ten elderly Americans may be experiencing abuse, neglect or financial exploitation. This means it is critically important for families to look out for their aging loved ones, and Heinrich Law, PC is here to help.

The Alameda County injury attorneys at our Oakland law firm have the resources to help you hold negligent caretakers responsible for the harm they inflict. Our record of satisfaction proves our dedication to our clients’ needs. So, you can turn to us if a nursing home facility or caretaker breaks your family’s trust.

How Can I Tell if My Loved One Is Being Abused?

There are several signs to look out for when it comes to elder abuse. Keeping an eye out for these signs could help you end the abuse or negligence causing your loved one’s suffering. Here are the warning signs:

  • Bedsores, pressure sores or ulcers
  • Bruises, scratches or pinch marks
  • Burns or abrasions on the wrists, ankles, hands or feet
  • Loss of mobility
  • Possessions that have gone missing
  • Unexpected withdrawals from various financial accounts
  • Facility staff refusing visiting hours or insisting on being present during family visits
  • Residents zoned out due to possibly being heavily medicated
  • Unsanitary conditions in the facility

If you see these signs and suspect that elder abuse or nursing home negligence is taking place, call the authorities immediately. You should also contact an attorney to ensure that your family member’s rights are protected.

Our knowledge of California elder law can help you file an effective claim. We know what evidence the court needs, and we can help you build a solid case. The initial consultation with a California elder abuse attorney at Heinrich Law, PC is always free. So, give us a call at (510) 570-1608.