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Many people do not realize how severe a slip and fall injury can be. These incidents can lead to broken ankles, wrists, arms, and legs. A fall can even cause a hip fracture, skull fracture or traumatic brain injury. Such injuries can require lengthy rehabilitative care and invasive surgery, i.e. a hip replacement or a craniotomy. In some cases, lifelong medical treatment and pain could result. Dealing with these horrible injuries and associated expenses is what makes pursuing a premises liability claim or lawsuit so important for slip and fall victims.

At Heinrich Law, PC, we understand how these injuries can affect the victim of a slip or trip and fall accident. We have represented many clients injured after falling as a result of a dangerous condition. That experience as well as our knowledge of California premises liability law gives us an edge when helping clients recover compensation for their harms and losses. However, simply falling on someone else’s property does not automatically entitle a victim to compensation.

When Is Filing a Slip or Trip and Fall Claim or Lawsuit Appropriate?

According to California state law, property managers and owners must take care to provide safe conditions for consumers, residents and visitors to their property. This duty includes properly maintaining the premises and warning visitors of any hidden dangers or hazards that are in the process of being fixed. If a slip or trip and fall victim wishes to recover compensation, they must prove that the property owner or manager failed to fulfill these duties. In addition, the victim must also prove that the owner or manager’s negligence was a substantial factor in causing their injury.

Why You Need a Premises Liability Attorney From Heinrich Law, PC

Since the burden of proof rests on the injured victim in slip or trip and fall claims, it can be difficult to gather evidence or prove the case if you are not an experienced personal injury attorney. Recovering from your injuries, getting back to work and paying your bills can make building a case virtually impossible for the injured. However, choosing the right slip or trip and fall lawyer can make this process much easier. The trust and praises of our clients proves how far the attorneys at Heinrich Law, PC are willing to go for injury victims. So, if you need a slip or trip and fall attorney in California, call (510) 570-1608 or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation.