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Are You in Need of a Wrongful Death Attorney in Oakland?

The Injury Attorneys at Heinrich Law, PC Explain Your Legal Options

The unexpected loss of a loved one can rock a family to its core. Such tragedy can inflict a harsh emotional toll on those who were close to the deceased, but there are additional effects some people do not anticipate. The costs of the decedent’s medical bills and funeral expenses can inflict additional stress on survivors. If the decedent earned a significant portion of the household’s income, surviving family members may experience serious financial problems. However, California law may provide help with these struggles.

When someone dies due to the wrongful behavior or negligence of another person, family members may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. This legal claim may allow survivors to pursue different types of damages, such as:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Funeral expenses;
  • Lost wages, household support, and child-rearing support;
  • Lost retirement and medical benefits; and
  • Non-economic damages for loss of affection, love and companionship

Why Do I Need a California Wrongful Death Lawyer for My Case?

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit can be complex and often involves a lengthy investigation. Building a case with no help while dealing with the loss of a loved one may prove impossible for survivors. Luckily, the right wrongful death lawyer may be able to help.

At Heinrich Law, PC, our California wrongful death lawyers have spent over thirty years dedicated to serving families rocked by tragedy. Our attorneys can help you gather evidence, deal with immediate financial hardships, file a lawsuit, negotiate a settlement, or fight until your case reaches a verdict. We are dedicated to our clients, so you can trust us to represent your loved ones with the greatest of care.

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