Heinrich Law has deep expertise in leveraging technology to build strong cases for our clients.

Surveillance video cameras

Many businesses and residential property owners and managers have installed video cameras to surveil the surrounding area. 

If a client is injured in an area with one or more surveillance cameras, Heinrich Law is often able to obtain video evidence that captures their motor vehicle or pedestrian accident.

This video evidence can provide proof of what really happened and can often contradict statements made by our opponents.

Heinrich Law goes to great lengths to find and use video surveillance videos, which can make the critical difference in winning a case.

Creation of custom video

Showing a video depiction of a critical event can provide juries, judges and adversaries a visceral sense of an important event.

If an important event was not captured on actual video, we can often a version of it with computer generated graphics. For example:

Peoples v County of Alameda

Computer animations and graphics helped to prove that our client was not responsible for a crash with a sheriff’s vehicle. We created simulated video that showed what they accident would have looked like to a bystander.  We also created a video that showed how the accident would have our client, inside the video, would have physiologically reacted to the impact – and why the accident caused his traumatic brain injury.  Heinrich Law’s work on this case resulted in a $3.0 Million settlement in our client’s favor.

Jain v Nzolameso

Videos, computer graphics and animations helped to explain the traumatic brain injuries suffered by our client and the complex treatment she underwent that saved her life, called craniotomy and subcutaneous abdominal preservation. Heinrich Law achieved a $1 million settlement for our client.

Social Media: Management and investigation

Because so many people use social media frequently, social media accounts can provide digital documentation of what happens in someone’s life, often on a daily basis. Social media can work for you, or against you.

Kelly v Ford

In Kelly v Ford, our client was invited into the home of an acquaintance who had adopted a rescue dog. The dog became viciously aggressive and bit our client causing permanent damage to her face.  Through a review of social media posts, we proved that both the dog owner and the dog rescue organization publicly shared information about the dog’s clear history of aggressive behavior.  Our social media investigation provided evidence of a reckless failure to warn our client of the danger posed by the rescue dog, thereby exposing the dog’s owner to punitive damages.

Protecting our clients

Heinrich Law also helps to protect our clients from inadvertently weakening their case through their use of social media.  For example, a client with internal injuries may stop at a park on a beautiful day on the way to a doctor’s appointment.  A social media post smiling and enjoying the day, can provide fodder to an opponent who could argue that the client was out having fun and therefore did not, in fact, suffer a significant injury. Wining big victories for our clients involves almost every aspect of our clients lives, and Heinrich Law provides counsel to clients that positions them and their cases in the most favorable light at all times.

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