If you have been hit by a vehicle while walking, please call us

Have you been struck by a car or other vehicle and been seriously injured?

  • Do you believe the driver was negligent?
  • Have you had a hospitalization, significant medical expenses or have you been unable to work?

We can help you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries, time off work, and medical expenses. Our accident attorneys have years of experience helping injured pedestrians get the compensation they need.

Heinrich Law has an excellent track record winning cases against negligent drivers who caused injury to our pedestrian clients.  By thoroughly investigating the scene, we combat bad faith arguments that you were at fault, even if the driver insists otherwise.

Recovering from a pedestrian incident can be painful, time-consuming, and expensive. Let us handle the tough legal issues while you focus on recovering. We can provide clear, concise advice on your next steps.


Jain v. Nzolameso
Result: $1 Million

Our client was seriously injured when a drunk driver struck her at high speed in a parking lot. Heinrich Law’s expert understanding of insurance ensured that Ms. Jain received just compensation, even though the at fault driver had inadequate insurance and no appreciable assets. In this case, our work focused on identifying an insurance policy held by our client’s parents, and, proving to the insurance company why the must settle the claim.

With thorough research, and understanding of insurance coverage law, aggressive advocacy, appropriate use of experts, and advanced technology, Heinrich Law obtained $ 1,000,000 of compensation for this deserving client.


Pedestrian v. Rideshare Driver

Confidential Settlement

Result: $1 Million

Our client was seriously injured when a ride share driver drove over her leg as she was walking through a marked crosswalk in a congested part of downtown San Francisco. Initially, the driver reported to the police that our client jumped out in front of his car. However, using witness statements as well as video captured by private security cameras, we were able to definitively prove he was lying.

By casting a wide net for all available evidence, Heinrich Law secured a $1,000,000 pre-litigation settlement for this client.


If you were a pedestrian and seriously injured by someone, please call us.  The consultation is free to you.