Slip and Fall Case

Confidential settlement

Result: $3.5 Million

Heinrich Law’s client slipped and fell due to an extremely slick floor that had been negligently maintained. The incident caused the client severe lumbar spine and hip injuries. The client was in pain, faced significant medical expenses and was unable to work. The property owner and contractor denied liability and refused to settle.

Our investigation and case work up, which included the completion of over twenty five (25) lay and expert witness depositions, proved negligence stemming from the use of a cleaning product that was incorrectly applied to the floor.

We took the case to trial. After the first witness testified, the defendant made a $3.5 million settlement offer that our client agreed to accept.


Peoples v. County of Alameda

Result: $3 Million

A Sheriff barreled through a red light, crashing into our client’s car causing him to sustain a traumatic brain injury. For two years, the Sheriff’s department blamed our client. A trial was scheduled. We knew we needed incontrovertible proof that the Sheriff was at fault and our client’s injury was severe.

Through our dogged investigation, use of experts and advanced technology, we proved our case.

We shifted the Sheriff’s position from blaming our client for the accident and refusing to settle, to offering a $3 million dollar settlement the week prior to trial.


Jackson v. Spignola

Result: $2.5 Million

Roy Jackson was a sewer maintenance worker for the city of Pacifica. He was working in the course and scope of his employment when a driver, distracted by a child in the rear seat of her vehicle, struck him in the middle of an intersection.  As a result of the accident, Mr. Jackson became disabled.

The adverse driver was insured with Farmers Insurance. Farmers argued Mr. Jackson failed to place sufficient warning cones in the intersection to ensure their driver could see him. They further argued that their insured was not responsible for Mr. Jackson’s degenerative conditions or exacerbations.

Heinrich Law won this case by a vigorous cross examination of Defendant driver Spignola; hiring a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who proved Mr. Jackson’s disability was a direct result of this incident; and researching, interviewing, and later deposing Mr. Jackson’s former supervisors and co-workers, proving that he had very few limitations on his ability to work prior to being struck by Ms. Spignola.

Following several years of litigation, and with a trial date on the horizon, Mr. Jackson’s case finally resolved for $2.5 million dollars, a significant increase from Farmers opening offer at mediation of $325,000.


Jain v. Nzolameso

Result: $1 Million

Our client was seriously injured when a drunk driver struck her at high speed in a parking lot in downtown Los Angeles, CA. Heinrich Law’s expert understanding of insurance ensured that Ms. Jain received just compensation, even though the at fault driver had inadequate insurance and no appreciable assets. In this case, our work focused on identifying an insurance policy held by our client’s parents, and, proving to the insurance company why the must settle the claim.

With thorough research, and understanding of insurance coverage law, aggressive advocacy, appropriate use of experts, and advanced technology, Heinrich Law obtained $ 1,000,000 of compensation for this deserving client.


Pedestrian Accident Case

Confidential settlement

Result: $1 Million

Our client was seriously injured when a rideshare driver drove over her leg as she was walking through a marked crosswalk in a congested part of downtown San Francisco. Initially, the driver reported to the police that our client jumped out in front of his car. However, using witness statements as well as video captured by private security cameras, we were able to definitively prove he was lying.

By casting a wide net for all available evidence, Heinrich Law secured a $1,000,000 pre-litigation settlement for this client.


Concord – Family v. Big Rig Trucking Company

Result: $1.68 Million

This matter involved serious personal injuries arising out of a major tanker truck collision. Three minor children were hurt in a collision between a Dodge Ram truck and a multi-ton fuel tanker truck on Highway 4 in Contra Costa County. The tanker truck driver stopped his vehicle on Highway 4 in the middle of the night due to a collision up ahead. When the driver of the tanker truck attempted to re-enter traffic on the highway, he failed to yield to an approaching Dodge Ram truck in which the minor clients were passengers. A high-speed collision occurred, which caused significant injuries. The matter settled one week before trial and after months of contentious clashes regarding fault for the crash and the nature and extent of the clients’ injuries and damages.

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