Patient. Patient. Patient. Marjorie has been amazing from Day 1 when I spoke to her on the phone.

I didn’t get an attitude from her like I did with many others that your accident was more than 2 years ago and you’ve already filed a lawsuit and NOW you’re calling a lawyer. Hey! Better late than never, right? It wasn’t easy for me to gather all my documentation for missed work, medical records, physical therapy records, vacation days, etc etc to her in a timely fashion and each reminder email from her was gently written requesting, not demanding and nagging about the info. A DUI criminal takes a lot away from you when they collide with you, but Marjorie helped me restore my faith in the system and the process. Her support team was also amazing who worked on my case seamlessly delivering extraordinary results.

– A.B.

“I was amazed by how many lawyers and judges knew Marjorie. Lawyers would stop her, on our way to the courtroom, and you could tell they were honored to talk with Marjorie.”

I recently suffered multiple injuries in a car accident. It was one of the most challenging and traumatizing events in my life. The injuries required surgery and physical rehab. I missed several weeks of work which caused me to lose my job. Prior to this incident, I had never sued anyone, so I was somewhat overwhelmed with how to find a good lawyer. Multiple friends suggested that I reach out to Marjorie Heinrich. I’m so thankful they gave me that advice because Marjorie is an incredible lawyer.

It’s obvious Marjorie loves her job. She’s successful and passionate about fighting for her clients. I was impressed by her impeccable work ethic and knowledge of the law. Also, she is surrounded by a staff with high moral standards and commitment to being the best in their professions. Marjorie and her dedicated, hard working team responded to all of my phone calls and emails immediately while constantly providing updates on what was going on with my case. She’s thorough with her questions and explanations. It was easy for me to trust Marjorie with my case, which allowed me to focus on getting healthy.

When she steps inside the courtroom, her professional and firm demeanor commands attention and respect. I was amazed by how many lawyers and judges knew Marjorie. Lawyers would stop her, on our way to the courtroom, and you could tell they were honored to talk with Marjorie. She’s a humble person, but I did some research and learned that Marjorie has achieved several accolades throughout her career.

I rarely post on yelp, but I was thinking about how I felt when I was in need of a lawyer. I’m so lucky my friends recommended Marjorie. It’s only right that I help others by sharing my experience. Spread the word that Marjorie Heinrich is an exceptional, down to earth lawyer who relates to everyone. I received a great settlement thanks to Marjorie Heinrich and her team. Marjorie is a very impressive lawyer. Without a doubt, she deserves 5 Stars!

Henry W. – Pinole, CA

“Marjorie, Ethan, and Andrea are open, honest, and, as if they couldn’t get better, are a pleasure to work with…”

After being bitten in the face by a friend’s newly rescued dog, I was reticent to reach out to an attorney. When I began making calls to various personal injury lawyers, Ethan was the first to return my call with genuine care and concern in his voice as we spoke. Not long after my conversation with Ethan, Marjorie called as well. Their genuine care coupled with their professionalism and vast depth of experience made my decision to work with them an easy one. Throughout what ended up taking 18 months, Marjorie communicated each step of the process with me in language I could understand. She, Ethan, and Andrea are excellent at what they do. I always felt informed and while Marjorie used her rich history in this area of law to expertly guide me, I always felt the decisions as to how to proceed were my own. Throughout the process leading up to the eventual mediation, Marjorie demonstrated a savvy for strategy I doubt many others would even begin to recognize. I felt unyieldingly able to be honest with her, which allowed her to build the best case on my behalf. Marjorie and her team fought for me with the same ferocity as the dog that bit me while maintaining the utmost professional integrity. Though I appreciated their advocacy throughout the process, it wasn’t until we spent the day in mediation that I fully understood all of the skills and nuanced expertise Marjorie and Ethan bring to the table. They do more work behind the scenes than anyone would expect and it shows in the results they achieve. The dog bite I suffered changed my life and the settlement Marjorie helped achieve will also change my life. But Marjorie didn’t stop at the settlement. From there she successfully negotiated a reduction of my medical bills. Marjorie, Ethan, and Andrea are open, honest, and, as if they couldn’t get better, are a pleasure to work with as they are all immensely considerate and conscientious of their clients’ situations. You can stop reading attorney Yelp reviews now. You’ve found the best.

Shannon K., Oakland, Ca

“Five stars all the way! “

In the summer of 2017 I suffered a accident. I was the victim of a negligent firearms discharge and shot in the leg. While it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, I was grateful to find representation with Heinrich Law.

Once I met with Marjorie and her team I was relieved and put at ease to know that the legal side of my accident was in good hands. My recovery took longer than I expected and the team at Heinrich was there every step of the way to provide me with honest and thorough information. They were patient and communicative with me and my many questions and anxieties throughout.

Majorie and her team eventually won the full settlement I sought. I will be forever grateful for their guidance and representation. Definitely would recommend them to anyone in need of the best and most professional injury lawyer. Five stars all the way!

Thomas S. – Oakland, CA

“Stop looking around for representation. Just hire Heinrich Law”

I was in a horrible accident back in 2012. I was riding my bike in the city when a jerk ran a red light and broadsided me. Should have died, it was bad. In the days, weeks, and months after the wreck, the last thing I wanted to think about was hospital bills and insurance agencies and suing the person who hit me, all I wanted to think about was getting better. Enter Marjorie and her amazing team at Heinrich Law.

I interviewed three different lawyers before deciding on Marjorie and to be completely honest, I was actually leaning towards another one before having a wonderfully helpful conversation with a friend who’d just gone through an awful divorce. I’ll never forget what he told me. He asked if I’d decided on representation and I told him I thought Marjorie was hands down the best lawyer I’d talked to, but I was leaning towards another because of the warmth I’d felt from them during our chat. My friend looked at me and said, “Kate, with all do respect, fuck warmth. As someone who just went through an awful divorce, you want a bulldog. You want someone who is going to fight for each and every thing you deserve, even if you don’t realize right now that you deserve it. These people almost took your life and I know you’re not used to being a victim, but you HAVE to go with the best lawyer, period. So seriously, fuck warmth.”

Thankfully, I took his advice, went with Marjorie and in addition to – as I expected – being absolutely incredible (she kept my case out of litigation and secured an outstanding settlement) she’s now a very dear, warmth-exuding friend. Go figure, right? ;)

Since my case, Marjorie and two fantastic co-workers – Ethan and Andrea, both of whom I very much enjoyed working with during my case as well – have formed their own firm. I can’t think of a better team to represent folks who, like me, have been injured because of some idiot, I mean um … the fault of another.

So, if you fall into that category, stop looking around. Stop focusing on things that aren’t going to get you the best support, representation, and result. Just hire Henirich Law already. They’re focused, dedicated, awesome lawyers that I recommend to everyone and anyone who needs a seasoned personal injury attorney.

Kate Scott, Pac 12 Networks – San Francisco, CA

“I would highly recommend them if you’ve suffered a personal injury.”

A Sheriff sped through a red light just as I was entering the intersection on a green light. He smashed into my car and almost killed me. People told me I couldn’t sue the Sheriff and some attorneys I talked to sounded rude and arrogant when I initially contacted them. I found attorney Marjorie Heinrich who told me I could and she also sounded concerned about what I had just went through. She represented me for 2 yrs. The Sheriff and County blamed me for the accident. Marjorie spent 2 yrs and thousands of dollars proving the Sheriff and County was responsible and I was not at fault. The County also denied I suffered a head injury. My case finally settled for several million dollars a week before trial. I am so thankful for Marjorie and Heinrich Law and I would highly recommend them if you’ve suffered a personal injury. Hire them. They are amazing!

Joshua P. – Oakland, CA

“Heinrich Law was able to secure a high six figure settlement for me.”

I was in a horrible motorcycle accident. The last thing I recall about the day of the crash was eating a bowl of cereal before leaving home. The police found me at fault for the collision. Though I truly believed I was not at fault, how could I defend myself since I was knocked unconscious? I hired Heinrich Law to represent me. Marjorie hired fantastic experts who helped prove the other driver was at fault. After years of litigation, and just before the trial was supposed to start, Heinrich Law was able to secure a high six figure settlement for me. For anyone involved in a motorcycle accident, call Heinrich Law. They are amazing!

John R. – Oakland CA

“Going with Heinrich law was one of the best decisions I ever made”

Going with Heinrich law was one of the best decisions I ever made. Marjorie Heinrich, Ethan Wimert and their team went above and beyond my expectations, and really made me feel as if I was their top priority. When I first met Marjorie and Ethan they were very compassionate about my needs and always kept an open line of communication for any concerns that I had. I have never felt so fortunate to have such n amazing team to represent me in my time of need. I thank them very much for all their hard and tireless work to get the maximum results we were all looking for. I will never hesitate to recommend Marjorie Hienrich. Ethan Wimert, and Hienrich Law PC for representation in time of need. They are absolutely fantastic.

Fausto M. – Oakland, CA

“I definitely recommend Marjorie and her team!”

I met Marjorie about 2 years ago due to unfortunate circumstances. Someone I know was in a terrible accident back in 2014 and has been suffering from an injury ever since. He were lucky enough to have found Marjorie from the start. Her and her team, Ethan and Andrea are absolutely amazing from beginning to end. They are quick to respond to any questions or concerns via email/phone/text and made sure the client was kept up to date about the case and that he understood what was going on. I definitely recommend Marjorie and her team!

Annie – Oakland, CA

“They weren’t just good, they’re honestly so amazing.”

I got into an accident , someone rear ended me . The lawyer i had prior to meeting Marjorie and her team had got suspended. I didn’t know what to do. My chiropractor recommended Heinrich law and he said they were really good. They weren’t just good, they’re honestly so amazing. I wish I had found them in the first place! These are people you can trust. They make sure you understand everything going on in your case. they’re very caring. They also told me that if I ever had any questions to give them a call, they were always there when i needed them. Im glad I had Heinrich law by my side through this. I would definately recommend them.

Justine – San Francisco, CA

“I definitely recommend Marjorie and her team!”

I met Marjorie about 2 years ago due to unfortunate circumstances. Someone I know was in a terrible accident back in 2014 and has been suffering from an injury ever since. He were lucky enough to have found Marjorie from the start. Her and her team, Ethan and Andrea are absolutely amazing from beginning to end. They are quick to respond to any questions or concerns via email/phone/text and made sure the client was kept up to date about the case and that he understood what was going on. I definitely recommend Marjorie and her team!

Annie – Oakland, CA

“They Helped Me Secure A Six Figure Settlement”

I was riding my bike in Temescal on a beautiful day when out of no where this person opens their door right in front of me. With no time to react I collided with their door and suffered major injury to my shoulder, which required surgery to repair.
Marjorie Heinrich, Ethan Wimert and their paralegal Andrea Searby represented me from start to finish. The time I spent with them as my legal team was extremely pleasant, and I always understood what was going on every step along the way. They prepped me for every deposition and stood by my side during the hard times.
After everything was said and done, they helped me secure a six figure settlement.
Needless to say, if you have been hurt or injured in some sort of accident, contact Heinrich law!!
My partner and our two kids thank you :)

Roberto D. -East Oakland

“My Sister Was Well Compensated”

My sister was injured at the hand of a driver whom was not paying attention. I would like to say thank you to the marvelous Heinrich Law Firm. My sister was well compensated. Marjorie Heinrich is the most phenomenal attorney I have encountered. Ethan Wimert, and Andrea Searby, you guys are the greatest! Please, if family or friends are injured, contact Attorney Marjorie Heinrich.

Evangeline -Fairfield, CA

“If you need a personal injury lawyer, STOP: here she is”

“Over the past 5 years I’ve had to have a lawyer represent my interests three times for personal injury: twice for auto accidents, and once for a trip and fall accident outside of Trader Joe’s. I initially choose Marjorie for her documented high rating as one of the best super lawyers in California. She and her team ( Ethan Wilmert and Andrea Searby) documented, fought, and won just compensation in each case. Marjorie, as another Yelp reviewer stated, is a wonderful Bull Dog: one that grabs on, holds um down, then shakes um till they cry “OK, you win.” If you need a personal injury lawyer, STOP: here she is: Marjorie Heinrich a warm congenial woman with strength and stamina that’s willing to go the distance to get you the settlement you deserve. Do it now….you’ll be amazed!”

Stephen – Richmond, CA

“I Recommend Heinrich Law Highly”

When I incurred a severe injury which I felt was a result of negligence of a business, I called Marjorie. I knew that I was dealing with someone of integrity who would provide me with sound and expert legal advice. There are many lawyers in the bay area. Her knowledge, professionalism, listening skills, integrity, compassion and her experience, allow her to stand out. Although I hope to never have a reason to use Marjorie’s law firm in the future, it is without hesitation that I recommend Heinrich Law highly.

J. F. – Oakland, CA

“Marjorie’s Kindness And 30 Years Experience Is Your Only Choice”

Marjorie Heinrich is in a class of her own when it comes to representing those who have or are experiencing the traumatic effects of personal injury.
I was very surprised at the lengthy amount of time she spent with me during our first phone consultation. The specific questions she asked me were spot-on in helping us to determine if we were a “good fit.” She has a very compassionate disposition with exceptional “active listening” skills that allowed me to feel calm and in good hands – a rare quality found in the legal field.
If your suffering from a traumatic injury and freaked out by the loss you’re experiencing, in my humble opinion, Marjorie’s kindness AND 30 years experience is your only choice. Trust me, you’ll be in “good hands.”

Michael D. – Walnut Creek, CA

“They Took My Case Like If It Was Their Own!”

More than THANKFUL to Ethan and Marjorie.

I’m an immigrant woman with no family in the United States. After my accident, I was very worried about landing in the hands of a bad lawyer.

It was my good fortune to contact Ethan Wimert and Marjorie Hendricks as my lawyers. They are caring, respectful, professional, responsible, knowledgeable , efficient, and above all extremely honest.

I couldn’t believe how efficient they are. They obtained a substantial for me and my case was small. They took my case like if it was their own!

Keep their phone numbers handy (I do!) so if you or someone you know are so unfortunate to be involved in an accident, at least have the comfort of retaining the best possible lawyers one could hope for.

Thank you again Marjorie and Ethan!

Melina Markarian – Concord, CA

“I Have Only Very Good Memories (…) Of The Time Ms. Heinrich Helped Me”

I have learned that my former attorney Marjorie Heinrich and her staff have formed a new law firm called Heinrich Law. I have only very good memories with gratitude of the times Ms. Heinrich and her assistants helped me with all the legal matters I had after the car crash in 2009. Of course, she will be the person I will immediately, with full confidence, recommend to anyone who may need legal assistance with her expertise.

L. L. – San Francisco, CA

“Marjorie Heinrich is a great, experienced kick-ass attorney”

Marjorie Heinrich is a great, experienced kick ass attorney who cares a lot about her clients. If you want aggressive, excellent representation throughout the course of your personal injury case, her firm has a team that will fight for you as much as possible.

Ashley – San Francisco, CA

“I highly recommend Heinrich Law . They did an amazing job.”

I was hit by a car curious I tried to handle the claim myself correct State Farm refused to pay for it they claimed why injuries were not caused by the incident. I was referred to Heinrich Law I’m very thankful for referral. We file lawsuit within six months they we’re able to settle the case for thousands of dollars. They were very professional and curios always answer my calls every time I call. I highly recommend Heinrich Law . They did amazing job. Thank you!!!

Fariborz G. – Lafayette, CA

“She fought for me and never gave up.”

I can only give Heinrich Law five stars but if I could I would give them ten. I was recommended to Heinrich Law by another attorney due to the complexity of my case. I was injured in a premise liability case were my leg and knee were severely injured. I was astounded at how well Heinrich Law Firm treated me and helped me through the ordeal of my case. They stood by me every step of the way through the process–we became very close even sometimes having lunch. Andrea Searby, the firm’s paralegal, was extremely helpful in providing me information at every step of the way. Ethan Wimert, was one of my attorneys and he consistently told me the truth about where we stood in the case. Marjorie Heinrich, also was my attorney–I would say she was my lead attorney. Marjorie is Amazing! She fought for me and never gave up. The case took well over a year and as a team they won me a solid six figure settlement which never went to trial! I can only say great things about this firm and if you are in need of their services look no further just hire them. They are fighters for justice!

Steve H. – San Mateo, CA

“Marjorie is top-notch”

Marjorie is top-notch and is the type of calming force you need during these difficult times. Received referral from a friend and Marjorie promptly responded via email (on vacation no less). Her depth and breadth of knowledge was invaluable throughout the process. Her network of experts was vital in combating and overcoming the FUD from insurance/car MFG.

You will not be disappointed and only regret you will have is that you did not contact Heinrich Law earlier in the process.

Michael T. – San Jose, CA

“Heinrich Law really goes above and beyond what you would expect from an attorney.”

I must say first hand, I’m skeptical of YELP reviews and I take many with a grain of salt; therefore, I only review those I’m very passionate about. After reading through the reviews here, I can tell you hands_down that these reviews are legit. Heinrich Law really goes above and beyond what you would expect from an attorney. I was in a terrible accident that left my neck needing surgery and my right arm with chronic pain and fatigue. Marjorie, Ethan, and Andrea have been amazing from the beginning to end. Their team is responsive, professional, and they don’t just “work” but they FIGHT for YOU every single day. If I ever had a question, I knew I would have an answer within the next few hours. Who can say that about their attorney? Marjorie and her team helped something unimaginable turn into something manageable. Through all the pain, lost work, trying to deal with my kids and home life, Marjorie and her team never made me feel alone. Marjorie, on many occasions, actually helped me deal with everything going on in my personal life too. She didn’t have to do this. She really is amazing. Henrich Law guided and supported me every step of the way and in the end yes, they won my case. Crazy as it sounds, even if they didn’t win, I would have known they did everything to try and win it for me. They advocate for those who can’t and they bring such a personal experience to a situation that really is unexpected and scary. She knows her field and is very good at what she does. Words really don’t do it justice. They are the best law firm for personal injury. If you are in doubt, don’t be. I will forever be grateful for all they did for me.

C W – Livermore, CA

“Heinrich Law came through and helped navigate a multi-layered insurance situation to secure a great recovery for me.”

I was doored on my bike by an inattentive parked driver. I ended up in the ER with multiple fractures and racked up significant medical bills over the course of my recovery. Heinrich Law came through and helped navigate a multi-layered insurance situation to secure a great recovery for me. I’m so grateful to Marjorie Heinrich and her team for their work on my case. Thanks to Marjorie’s years of experience, I was able to maximize my recovery, and I learned things about my insurance coverage in the process that I could not have known had I tried to navigate this on my own. I would absolutely recommend Heinrich Law for any personal injury lawyer needs!

Rory J, Oakland CA

“I wouldn’t want anyone else to represent me.”

I got into my first accident last March. Someone rear ended me really badly and my car was totaled. I had migraines for months, carpal tunnel on my left hand, and a messed up back from the accident. I didn’t know where or who to turn to. The woman that hit me’s insurance kept giving me the run around. I had to chase them down, find out information, and I didn’t know the first thing on how to go about handling an accident. Thankfully, I found Marjorie and Ethan at Heinrich Law. From the very first day, they were nothing but kind to me. They’re very thorough and know how to get the job done. Having Heinrich Law represent me was an honor! I wouldn’t want anyone else to represent me. I highly recommend anyone who is injured to contact Heinrich Law, you will not be disappointed!

Mosioda T., Fremont, Ca

“I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for honest and extremely hard working lawyers”

I was in a very severe near death accident in June 2017 in Los Angeles CA, involving a drunk driver and was referred to Heinrich Law PC. My experience with them was nothing short of incredible. I dealt mostly with Ethan Wimert and immediately trusted him and knew his firm would do everything in their power to get the best settlement possible for me. And they did, not even 2 years later Heinrich Law surpassed every expectation I had and got the maximum policy for me. Though I came to them under devastating and very hard circumstances i felt safe and very well taken care of the entire time my case took place. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for honest and extremely hard working lawyers who will not stop until they have gotten every last penny available for you.

Kirin Jain