We help victims of severe dog bites and dog knock down incidents receive just compensation

Have you been severely bitten or mauled by a dog? Were you knocked down and injured by an out-of-control dog while walking through your neighborhood or in a park?

Dog owners in California are strictly liable for your harms and losses if their dog bites you.  This means they are responsible for your injuries regardless of whether they knew or had reason to believe the dog was dangerous.

Dog owners in California are liable for your injuries if their dog knocks you down and you can prove the owner was negligent.  Dog owners who allow their out-of-control dogs to freely roam neighborhoods and parks off leash and knock people down will likely be held responsible for the injuries caused by such an event.

If you have been severely injured because of a dog bite, dog attack, or knock down, we know what it takes to obtain full compensation for all the harms and damages you have suffered.

Working with your medical providers and experts, we will prove the full value of your case by demonstrating the true nature of your injuries and the impact they have on your life.

The first step is to schedule a free consultation so that we can learn what happened and figure out how we can help you.

Let us use our expertise to advise you on your best course of action.


Kelly v. Ford
Result: $875,000

Our client was viciously bitten in the face by a rescue dog after being invited into an acquaintance’s home. The dog’s owners accepted responsibility, but their homeowner’s insurance company initially refused to fully compensate Ms. Kelly for her injuries and damages. Heinrich Law was forced to file a lawsuit after which we worked with an experienced plastic surgeon who examined our client, reviewed her entire medical file, and then rendered opinions regarding the severity of Ms. Kelly’s injuries and residual scarring.

The matter eventually went to mediation where Heinrich Law negotiated a settlement for $875,000, one of the largest settlements on record in California for a dog bite to the face.


Vesterfelt v. Ou
Result: $300,000

Our client was walking her small dog in her neighborhood when an out-of-control dog escaped from a nearby yard and attacked her dog. As our client struggled to protect her dog, the escaped dog, a large German Shepard, knocked Ms. Vesterfelt down causing her to break her hip. Heinrich Law located and interviewed witnesses throughout the neighborhood to establish that the dog had a history of escaping and creating significant risk of injury to those it encountered. This investigation enabled us to prove that the owners of the dog were negligent and should be held liable for out client’s injuries.

Heinrich Law settled the claim for $300,000 before a lawsuit had to be filed.

If you have been seriously injured by a dog – whether a dog bite or knockdown –  please call us.  The consultation is free to you.