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Heinrich Law is an expert accident attorney, with an excellent track record of winning cases for people who have been seriously injured in car crashes and other types of motor vehicle related accidents.  Heinrich Law’s experienced attorneys can ensure you are compensated while allowing you to focus on your healing.

Often, we secure significant settlements before having to file a lawsuit. But when circumstances warrant, we do not hesitate to aggressively litigate cases on behalf of our clients.

Time is of the essence with vehicle collision cases. Preserving evidence and documenting all injuries and damages early are critical to maximizing your recovery.

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Jackson v. Spignola
Result: $2.5 Million

Roy Jackson was a sewer maintenance worker for the city of Pacifica. He was working in the course and scope of his employment when a driver, distracted by a child in the rear seat of her vehicle, struck him in an intersection. As a result of the accident, Mr. Jackson became disabled.

The adverse driver was insured with Farmers Insurance. Farmers argued Mr. Jackson failed to place sufficient warning cones in the intersection to ensure their driver could see him. They further argued that their insured was not responsible for Mr. Jackson’s degenerative conditions or exacerbations.

Heinrich Law won this case by a vigorous cross examination of Defendant driver Spignola who admitted only after several hours of deposition that she had been distracted because her child in the back seat had dropped a toy at the moment she hit Mr. Jackson; hiring a board-certified orthopedic surgeon who proved Mr. Jackson’s disability was a direct result of this incident; and researching, interviewing, and later deposing Mr. Jackson’s former supervisors and co-workers, proving that he had very few limitations on his ability to work prior to being struck by Ms. Spignola.

Following several years of litigation, and with a trial date on the horizon, Mr. Jackson’s case finally resolved for $2.5 million dollars, a significant increase from Farmers opening offer at mediation of $325,000.

Wilson v. Mejia
Result: $300,000

Ms. Wilson and her young son were stopped at a red light when a distracted driver slammed into the back of her vehicle at high speed. Initially diagnosed with a cervical sprain, it later became clear that Ms. Wilson had suffered a herniated disc and was a candidate for surgery. By highlighting the potential need for future medical treatment Heinrich Law was able to secure a significant settlement even though Ms. Wilson had yet to obtain much medical care.

Heinrich Law resolved this matter pre-litigation for $300,000, allowing our client to avoid a lawsuit and move on with her life.

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