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Appellate court victory in favor of Heinrich Law’s severely injured client

Background: Heinrich Law’s client Abe Degala was working as a demolition subcontractor on a construction project in a crime-ridden part of Hunters Point, San

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A $3 Million Victory in a Case Against the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department

Our client, Joshua Peoples, was hit in an intersection by an Alameda County Deputy Sheriff. Read how Heinrich Law won a $3 million victory in the case against the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.

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Winning a $994,000 Settlement for the Victim of a Tow Truck Collision

Heinrich Law recently achieved a huge victory for client Omar Hidalgo, whose case settled for $994,000 in the case of Hidalgo v. NEL Trucks.

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Winning Major Personal Injury Cases, One Relationship at a Time

Personal injury cases can be complex. They are also very human. Victory can boil down to the way one person tells their story. Is she being clear? Do we believe him?

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The advantage of being a paralegal and an experienced cyclist

Many of Heinrich Law’s cases involve bicycle collisions. In addition to being the Senior Paralegal at Heinrich Law, I’m an avid cyclist.

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Hiring the right expert witness can win a case

Many personal injury law firms will not hire expert witnesses. Experts, especially the top experts, command fees of many thousands of dollars.
We do.

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