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Winning Major Personal Injury Cases, One Relationship at a Time

Personal injury cases can be complex. They are also very human. Victory can boil down to the way one person tells their story. Is she being clear? Do we believe him?

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The advantage of being a paralegal and an experienced cyclist

Many of Heinrich Law’s cases involve bicycle collisions. In addition to being the Senior Paralegal at Heinrich Law, I’m an avid cyclist.

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Hiring the right expert witness can win a case

Many personal injury law firms will not hire expert witnesses. Experts, especially the top experts, command fees of many thousands of dollars.
We do.

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Podcast: Protect Your Assets Against Personal Injury Claims

My primary role is to represent people who are seriously injured due to the fault of another.

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What to Do If You Are Hit by a Car

In many urban areas, the car-centric lifestyle has become a thing of the past. People enjoy having the option of walking to their desired destination. However, there are still potential hazards

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How Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Work?

There are various situations where it may be appropriate to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Auto accidents, medical malpractice, bicycle crashes, pedestrian accidents, acts of violence, workplace accidents and deaths involving

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