Heinrich law gets justice for Bay Area bicycles riders injured by motor vehicles

Are you a cyclist who has suffered fractures, or a head injury, or worse after being hit or run off the road by a motor vehicle?  Have your injuries resulted in significant medical bills, a hospitalization, or lost income?

Even the most careful and experienced cyclists are at risk of serious injury when riding in urban environments or along country roads. Though wearing appropriate safety gear is helpful, cyclists remain dangerously exposed when confronted with multi-ton vehicles.

Motorists and their attorneys often claim that the bicyclist was at fault for the accident, creating extreme stress and frustration for injured cyclists.  It can take a skilled personal injury attorney to discover and prove the truth about what really happened.

Heinrich Law is an expert bicycle personal injury law firm. We would be happy to review your case. Knowledge of these laws is critical to defeating bogus claims that the cyclist was at fault when clearly the evidence is to the contrary.

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Luke v. Chun
Result: $375,000

Ms. Luke was a cyclist who suffered debilitating nasal fractures and dental injuries when a careless driver opened the door of his car into a marked bike lane without looking first, just as Ms. Luke was riding past.

Ms. Luke initially attempted to resolve her claim on her own. However, the motorist’s insurance company refused to acknowledge that its insured was 100% at fault.

Due to her frustration in resolving her claim, Ms. Luke retained Heinrich Law. We filed suit, citing to the applicable California Vehicle Code Sections that proved the car driver was at fault.  After completing written discovery and taking several depositions of the adverse driver and witnesses, the parties went to mediation.

Based on Heinrich Law’s presentation of the case, the opposing party and his insurance company was forced to abandon the argument that Ms. Luke bore fault for the incident.  The matter resolved via mediated agreement for $375,000.

If you have sustained serious injuries in a bicycle accident caused by someone else, please call us.  We want to help.  The consultation is free to you.