A $3 Million settlement gave me my life back

An Alameda County Sheriff sped through a red light just as I was entering the intersection on a green light. He smashed into my car and almost killed me. I suffered many injuries, including traumatic brain injury. I couldn’t work. I was in pain and depressed.

I contacted other attorneys who were rude and arrogant. Some told me I couldn’t sue the Sheriff.

Marjorie Heinrich told me I could sue the Sheriff. She was genuinely concerned about me because of the terrible accident and injuries I had been through.

Heinrich Law represented me and sued the Alameda County Sheriff on my behalf. For two years, the Sheriff and County blamed me for the accident and denied I suffered a head injury. Marjorie proved the Sheriff and County was responsible and I was not at fault.

My case finally settled for several million dollars a week before trial.

I am so thankful for Marjorie and Heinrich Law and I would highly recommend them if you’ve suffered a personal injury. Hire them. They are amazing!

Joshua Peoples