A high-six figure settlement after a motorcycle accident

I was in a horrible motorcycle accident.

The last thing I recall about the day of the crash was eating a bowl of cereal before leaving home.

The police found me at fault for the collision.  Though I truly believed I was not at fault, how could I defend myself since I was knocked unconscious?

I hired Heinrich Law to represent me.  Marjorie hired fantastic experts who helped prove the other driver was at fault.  After years of litigation, and just before the trial was supposed to start, Heinrich Law was able to secure a high six figure settlement for me.

For anyone involved in a motorcycle accident, call Heinrich Law.  They are amazing!

John Robinson


A few years ago, my husband was involved in a terrible motorcycle crash.

His injuries were extensive and we weren’t sure what the outlook was for him and the future of his chosen profession. Another attorney family friend recommended that we speak to Marjorie and I’m so thankful that we did. We ended up hiring Heinrich Law for our case.

Marjorie was so dedicated and I was consistently impressed with her thoroughness and work ethic. Not only is she an excellent lawyer, but also a kind, charismatic and pleasant person to work with. We ended up winning our case, even though the police officer originally blamed my husband for the collision.

I am so thankful that we hired Marjorie and her firm. We feel extremely lucky to have found her!

John Robinson