Marjorie and her team fought for me with the same ferocity as the dog that bit me.

You can stop reading attorney Yelp reviews now. You have found the best.

After being bitten in the face by a friend’s newly rescued dog, I was reticent to reach out to an attorney. When I began making calls to various personal injury lawyers, Ethan was the first to return my call with genuine care and concern in his voice as we spoke. Not long after, Marjorie called as well.

Marjorie, Ethan, and Andrea are excellent at what they do. Their genuine care, coupled with their professionalism and vast depth of experience, made my decision to work with them an easy one.

Until we got a successful resolution, Marjorie and her team fought for me with the same ferocity as the dog that bit me while maintaining the utmost professional integrity.

Marjorie communicated each step of the process with me in language I could understand. I always felt informed. While Marjorie used her rich history in this area of law to expertly guide me, I always felt the decisions as to how to proceed were my own.

Heinrich Law demonstrated a savvy for strategy throughout the process that I doubt others would even begin to recognize. Because of the trust established, I was always honest with her, which allowed her to build the best case on my behalf.

While I appreciated their advocacy throughout the process, it wasn’t until we spent the day in mediation that I fully understood all of the skills and nuanced expertise Marjorie and Ethan bring to the table. They do more work behind the scenes than anyone would expect, and it shows in the results they achieve.

The dog bite I suffered changed my life and the settlement Marjorie helped achieve also changed my life. But Marjorie didn’t stop at the settlement. From there she successfully negotiated a reduction of my medical bills.

Marjorie, Ethan, and Andrea are open, honest, and, as if they couldn’t get better, are a pleasure to work with as they are all immensely considerate and conscientious of their clients’ situations.

Shannon Kelly