They Took My Case Like If It Was Their Own!

More than THANKFUL to Ethan and Marjorie.

I’m an immigrant woman with no family in the United States. After my accident, I was very worried about landing in the hands of a bad lawyer.

It was my good fortune to contact Ethan Wimert and Marjorie Hendricks as my lawyers. They are caring, respectful, professional, responsible, knowledgeable , efficient, and above all extremely honest.

I couldn’t believe how efficient they are. They obtained a substantial for me and my case was small. They took my case like if it was their own!

Keep their phone numbers handy (I do!) so if you or someone you know are so unfortunate to be involved in an accident, at least have the comfort of retaining the best possible lawyers one could hope for.

Thank you again Marjorie and Ethan!

Melina Markarian – Concord, CA