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Has Your Life Been Devastated by a Truck Accident?

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Commercial trucks are easily the most dangerous vehicles on the road. They outweigh normal motor vehicles by several tons, which means the smallest mistake could have fatal consequences. To prevent these horrible crashes from happening, trucking companies must meet several safety standards. However, some companies try to skirt these regulations in order to save money. These actions can result in life-changing injuries and wrongful deaths. Our Bay Area law firm is here when the negligence of trucking companies leaves family members severely injured and struggling to make ends meet.

At Heinrich Law, PC, we help injury victims get compensation for their losses and medical bills. Our attorneys have helped victims recover millions of dollars from trucking companies that fail to follow safety regulations or hire negligent drivers. Our previous experience with defending insurance companies will give you an advantage when dealing with a trucking company’s insurer.  We once sat in their chair.  We know how they think.

Our founder, Marjorie Heinrich, has years of prior experience working as a defense attorney for insurance companies. She is familiar with the tactics they use to minimize a claim. This experience gives our clients a strategic advantage when negotiating with insurance companies who insure these trucking companies.

To discover what an Alameda injury attorney from Heinrich Law, PC can do for you when you have been involved in a truck related accident, give us a call. The initial evaluation is free, so call (510) 570-1608 today or fill out one of our online contact forms.