Has Your Life Been Devastated by a Truck Accident?

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Picture of Truck coming towardsCommercial trucks are easily the most dangerous vehicles on the road. They outweigh normal motor vehicles by several tons, which means the smallest mistake could have fatal consequences. To prevent these horrible crashes from happening, trucking companies must meet several safety standards. However, some companies try to skirt these regulations in order to save money. These actions can result in life-changing injuries and wrongful deaths. Our Bay Area law firm is here when the negligence of trucking companies leaves family members severely injured and struggling to make ends meet.

At Heinrich Law, PC, we help injury victims get compensation for their losses and medical bills. Our Oakland injury attorneys have helped victims recover millions of dollars from trucking companies that fail to follow safety regulations or hire negligent drivers. Our previous experience with defending insurance companies will give you advantages when dealing with a trucking company’s insurer. We once sat in their chair. We know how they think.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents You Need to Know About

The U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that there were around 415,000 large truck accidents in 2015. Around 83,000 of those crashes resulted in injuries, and 3,598 of those crashes were fatal. California also happens to be one of the top states where these truck accidents occur. That’s why it’s important for drivers across our state to be aware of the issues that could lead to one of these destructive crashes. Issues you need to be aware of include:

  • Improper Loading – Weight is a major concern when it comes to big haulers like tractor trailers. Loads that are not balanced properly can cause tipping and jack-knifing. This could cause a truck to fall over while taking a corner. If the truck is overloaded, this can cause a truck’s suspension or brakes to fail. Trucking companies, their workers and drivers are responsible for the proper use of these vehicles and their equipment.
  • Truck and Trailer Maintenance – Another issue that can lead to catastrophic truck crashes is improper routine maintenance. If brakes are not properly checked, trucks may fail to stop when approaching traffic congestion. If wheels and tires go unchecked, it can cause a blowout. Tire blowouts on trucks are especially hazardous. Not only can they lead to crashes, but these tires contain such explosive force that thedy can cause injuries or death to anyone standing nearby when they blow.
  • Negligent Training – Sometimes, trucking companies fail to fully train their drivers. This can happen for several reasons. If the company has a driver shortage, they may rush new recruits into the driver’s seat to make up for the shortfall. Some companies may neglect training as a cost-savings measure. However, no matter what the reason, this negligent behavior can lead to inexperienced and dangerous truck drivers on our roads.
  • Driver Fatigue – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that commercial drivers are more likely to drive while drowsy. Whether it is due to trucking companies enforcing unrealistic deadlines, or truckers trying to take on more jobs, this issue deserves every driver’s attention. Swerving, drifting out of lanes, and sudden braking can all be signs of a fatigued driver.
  • Distracted Driving – Long road trips can get boring for some truckers, and sometimes they try to relieve that boredom with a cellphone or mobile device. This is often a critical error in judgment. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say that distracted driving claimed 3,166 live in 2017. Due to the increasing popularity of streaming technology, social media and mobile games, this problem is only getting worse.
  • Driving While Under the Influence – Drunk driving is one of the most frequent causes of deadly traffic accidents in our state. From 2003 to 2012, 10,327 lost their lives in California drunk driving crashes, but alcohol wasn’t the sole cause of these crashes. Marijuana, prescription medications and illegal drugs have all contributed to these crashes.

Who Is Responsible for a Truck Accident?

Both federal and state laws regulate the safe operations of trucking companies and their drivers. If these regulations are not followed, then these companies may be held liable for the damages and injuries caused by a tractor trailer crash. However, these regulations can be very complex, and knowing which ones apply to your crash can be very difficult.

Why You Need an Oakland Truck Accident Lawyer on Your Side

Having an experienced and knowledgeable truck accident lawyer by your side may help you sort through these laws. An attorney can help investigate the circumstances of your crash and find the evidence you need to recover compensation for your losses. If you need an Alameda injury lawyer to help with this process, Heinrich Law, PC is here to help.

Our founder, Marjorie Heinrich, has years of prior experience working as a defense attorney for insurance companies. She is familiar with the tactics they use to minimize a claim. This experience gives our clients a strategic advantage when negotiating with insurance companies who insure these trucking companies.

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