Resolving a contentious rideshare case out of court

Strategic investigation resulted in a million-dollar settlement without litigation

Pedestrian Accident Case

Confidential settlement

Due to a confidentiality agreement, Heinrich Law is unable to provide further identifying details on this case.


Our client sustained serious fractures to both legs when a rideshare driver struck her as she legally proceeded through a marked crosswalk. Due to the severity of her injuries, she was forced to recover in a skilled nursing facility rather than returning home after being discharged from the hospital.

This case was contentious because the driver initially lied to the police, suggesting that our client had suddenly stepped in front of his car.

She wanted to tell her story but was nervous about doing so. I had several conversations over the course of three in-person visits to understand not only what she saw, but her feelings about the role of the Sheriff in the accident, as she saw it.


Our client was confident that she was crossing the street legally and the driver was not paying attention when he hit her. Heinrich law needed to:

  1. Prove that our client was telling the truth and that the driver was completely at fault for her injuries; and
  2. Communicate the severity of our client’s injuries and damages such that the driver’s insurance carrier would fully compensate our client for your injuries and damages.


  • We identified video surveillance, exposing the driver’s lie.

Our first step was to conclusively establish liability. A witness at the scene of the accident supported our client and contradicted the driver’s account.

As we investigated the scene further, we identified a private camera system installed by a coalition of merchants in the area. Heinrich Law obtained footage of the incident captured by these cameras. The video evidence corroborated our client’s story and exposed the driver’s lie.

  • Preparing a powerful settlement demand.

Armed with the damning video evidence, a detailed record of our client’s medical treatment, and a compelling narrative of the impact the incident had on her life, we were able to prove to the insurance company that its insured was at fault.


Once the insurance company admitted that we had proved that its insured was negligent, Heinrich Law negotiated a settlement of the claim for the maximum $1,000,000 policy limits.

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