Winning through strategic investigation

Refusing an inadequate offer resulted in a multi-million-dollar settlement after the first day of trial

Slip and Fall Case

Confidential settlement

Due to a confidentiality agreement, Heinrich Law is unable to provide further identifying details on this case.


Heinrich Law’s client sustained debilitating injuries to her lumbar spine and hip after slipping on an extremely slick floor. Our client suffered extreme pain and faced high medical expenses. Her lifetime earning capacity was significantly diminished.

Initially, the owner of the premises and the contractor in charge of maintenance where the accident occurred denied liability and made a zero offer at mediation.


Our assessment indicated that the contractor was clearly negligent. Someone in their employ used a cleaning product incorrectly, creating an extremely hazardous condition.

Heinrich Law needed to:

  1. Prove the company was negligent and identify the product in question;
  2. Prove the injuries our client sustained were both severe and permanent; and
  3. We needed to ensure our client was compensated appropriately for her pain, suffering, anxiety, depression, medical expenses, and lost income.


Investigation that solved the mystery

When our client engaged Heinrich Law, we knew a hazard was created but did not know how it occurred or who did it. Our investigation and retention of the best experts uncovered:

  • The exact product used;
  • The product’s warning label which clearly stated: “not safe for use on floors”;
  • The entity that applied the product; and
  • Violations of contractual terms and policies which should have prevented the hazard.
Refusal to settle for less and willingness to take the case to trial

Due to the success of our investigation, we were confident that we would win at trial.

We knew what the case was worth. Given the stature of the defendant, the level of negligence, the professional standing of the plaintiff and the severity of her injuries, we were confident that a substantial settlement was due. As a result, we took the case to trial.

Expert witnesses who quantified the impact of the injuries

Our client’s injuries were serious and complex. Heinrich Law’s experts defined the nature of her injuries, her difficulties functioning, and the nature and extent of her lost wages and reduced future earning potential.


At a pre-trial settlement conference shortly before the trial was to begin, the insurer made a
$1.5 million offer which we advised our client was insufficient.

After the first trial witness gave testimony, the insurer quickly increased its settlement offer to $3.5 million which our client accepted.

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