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Craniotomy and Subcutaneous Abdominal Preservation for TBI Patients

A craniotomy is a complex medical procedure where surgeons remove parts of the skull to expose the brain. The procedure helps relieve pressure and allows surgeons to operate on areas of the brain that need treatment. In order to expose the brain tissue, surgeons temporarily remove a section of bone called the “bone flap”. Subcutaneous abdominal preservation is where surgeons temporarily place the bone flap into the patient’s abdomen. After the procedure concludes, the bone flap is placed back into position on the skull. In cases involving blunt force trauma, such as from a car accident, a craniotomy allows surgeons to pinpoint and operate on the areas of the brain that need to be treated. The procedure also helps alleviate pressure on the brain, preventing further damage to brain tissue. Heinrich Law, PC uses videos, graphics and animations to help tell our clients’ stories. Below are animations that help describe a complex surgical procedure that is used to help save the lives of accident victims with traumatic brain injuries.