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A $3 Million Victory in a Case Against the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department

Our client, Joshua Peoples, was hit in an intersection by an Alameda County Deputy Sheriff. Read how Heinrich Law won a $3 million victory in the case against the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.

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Studying California Coronavirus Car Accidents By the Numbers

The spread of COVID-19 has had rippling effects into other areas of society. Of these effects includes Shelter in Place orders, issued by governors across the country. For California, the Shelter

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Staying Home When You’d Rather Ride

Our COVID-19 shelter-in-place experiences range far and wide, but some things are consistent. We can all clearly see the decreased traffic on the roads, the usual city bustle has slowed to

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COVID-19 and Distracted Driving

Heinrich Law previously addressed the issue of distracted driving in a March 6, 2020 blog. This is an issue that the California Legislature has seen fit to address more aggressively through

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What You Need to Know About California’s New Distracted Driving Law

Distracted driving is still on the rise. Over the years, numerous states have enacted laws to curb the use of cell phones while driving. Yet, drivers simply cannot keep their eyes

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Are Uber and Lyft Causing More Traffic Accidents?

You have probably heard traffic officials in neighboring San Francisco complain that ridesharing companies are increasing traffic jams, but could that be true here in Oakland? A new study is shedding

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