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Valuable Motorcycle Safety Tips to Avoid Tipping Over

Even the most experienced rider is vulnerable to tipping their bike at some point.  Depending on factors such as bike size, speed and road conditions, a dropped motorcycle can cause serious personal injury. It can also cause major damage to the bike itself.

The following are valuable motorcycle safety tips to help riders keep their bikes shiny side up during their ride.

Ride Preparation

Before you even straddle a bike and fire it up, there are several common-sense preparations you need to remember. These steps will help keep your bike at optimum running condition and reduce the chances of an accident.

Beyond regular maintenance checks, riders need to ensure key motorcycle components are in top-notch condition before hitting road. These components include:

  • Tires: Low pressure or worn out tires can lead to a blowout or control issues
  • Leaks: Check underneath the motorcycle for gas or oil leaks
  • Lights: Functioning headlights and signals make it easier for other motorists to see and avoid hitting you
  • Fluids: Monitoring your bike’s fluids will prevent overheating and excessive wear
  • Brakes: You cannot stop without brakes, so make sure they are working properly
  • Mirrors: Mirrors should be clean and adjusted for maximum visibility

Slow Speed Riding

Learning how to control the bike at slower speeds is as important as knowing what to do when cruising at higher speeds. The key to safely riding a motorcycle in congested areas and slow speed zones is practice. Properly coordinating the give-and-take between the clutch and throttle takes time and experience.

Slowing and Stopping

Sudden stops are among the most common causes of motorcycle tip overs.  Keeping the handlebars straight as you apply the brakes will ensure the bike stays vertical as it slows. Straightening out the motorcycle before hitting the brakes is even more crucial when forced to come to a sudden stop.

Proper Footwear

Motorcycle riders are not afforded the same protections from the elements and debris as car or truck drivers. Road conditions that affect a motorcycle’s traction can also impact the stability of the rider’s hands and feet. Sand, gravel, water, and other substances kicked up into the bike’s path can make footpegs slippery. Wearing slip-resistant footwear with treaded soles will reduce the chances of slipping and losing of control.

Strong motorcycle boots can also help protect your feet and ankles from injury during a crash. So, avoid wearing flip flops, sneakers or other non-protective footwear.

Prepping and learning proper techniques will help increase the chances of keeping your motorcycle upright. But at the end of the day, practice makes perfect. New riders who practice turning, slowing, and stopping will hit the road with more confidence and focus. That can help prevent accidents by building the skills you need to handle distracted and careless drivers.

When Motorcycle Accidents Happen, Contact Heinrich Law

Even experienced riders can get into accidents when drivers are negligent. Unexpected lane changes, speeding, and other unsafe driving practices can lead to dangerous collisions. Motorcyclists are not protected by cabins of glass and steel. That means any crash could result in serious injury to riders.

Motorcyclists injured by negligent, reckless drivers face medical bills, lost wages, and other collision-related expenses. Our experienced team of Oakland motorcycle accident lawyers understands these difficulties. Let us help you recover from the pain and loss.

The injured have the legal right to recover damages from those responsible for their accident. Call (510) 944-0110 today for a free consultation.

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