San Jose – Bunting, Rieger v. Lopez, CSAA

Result: $500,000

Clients suffered serious orthopedic injuries in a motor vehicle collision. Ms. Heinrich was able to recover 3rd party policy limits in the amount of $30,000; and then recover 1st party Underinsured Motorist policy limits in the amount of $470,000.

Oakland – Miratt v. Spets

Result: $500,000

This case involved a car versus electric skateboard collision that occurred in Oakland. Mr. Miratt, who was standing on his electric skateboard while stopped at a red light, was suddenly struck in the right leg by a car, whose driver got confused by the lane configuration and erroneously turned into the opposite lane of travel. Mr. Miratt sustained a comminuted right lateral tibial plateau fracture that required open reduction internal fixation surgery to repair. The claim settled for $500,000 in January 2020, thereby avoiding the need for litigation or trial.

Lafayette – Pedestrian v. City and Public Utility

Result: $462,500

Client was a pedestrian who slipped and fell over construction debris which had been left on a public sidewalk for months, suffering a concussion and soft tissue injuries. The matter was resolved at mediation following two years of litigation.

Berkeley – Moore v. The Hot Tubs of Berkeley

Result: $450,000

Mr. Moore suffered a mild traumatic brain injury after slipping and hitting his head on a concrete floor while in the process of exiting a hot tub at a private bathing facility. Suffering from both cognitive and emotional deficits, and sensitivity to light, Mr. Moore was virtually housebound as he treated for his injuries. Though Mr. Moore had signed a waiver upon entering the facility, Heinrich Law was able to establish that the dangerous condition created by the facility’s employees rendered the waiver ineffective.

San Francisco – Gallo v. Comcast

Result: $395,000

Rhonda Gallo suffered injuries to her hip and wrist, both of which required surgery, as a result of tripping over a defective cable box cover owned and controlled by Comcast. The incident occurred on Union Street in San Francisco. The dangerous condition, which caused Ms. Gallo to stumble and fall, was a large 2.5 inch wide long and 1.75 inch deep lateral defect. Heinrich Law retained an engineer to help prove the dangerous nature of the defect. Ms. Gallo’s medical bills totaled $28,000 and her income loss totaled $8,000. Comcast agreed to settle the case for $395,000 shortly after a lawsuit was filed against Comcast and the City and County of San Francisco.

Oakland – Lake v. Chen

Result: $375,000

This case involved an automobile versus bicycle collision that occurred in Oakland. Ms. Lake was riding her bike down a residential street in Oakland, that contained shallow bike lane markings, when Mr. Chen, who was parked on the right side, suddenly and without warning flung his driver side door into the path of Ms. Lake’s oncoming bicycle. Ms. Lake was unable to avoid striking the car door. She was thrown over her handlebars and landed on her face, sustaining serious injuries to her jaw, nose and teeth. The matter had to be litigated because Mr. Chen denied fault, arguing that Ms. Lake was riding too close to his car door. Heinrich Law proved this wasn’t true, and the matter was resolved for $375,000 at mediation.