Berkeley – Stratton v. Buresh

Result: $160,000

Client was a motorcycle rider who was struck by a car that ran a stop sign in Berkeley. Client fractured his elbow and sustained other more minor injuries. Ms. Heinrich resolved the matter after the filing of a lawsuit and prior to trial.

Berkeley – Jogger v. Car Driver

Result: $150,000

Client was jogging across the street in a marked cross walk when she was struck by a car operated by a negligent driver. Client sustained a shoulder injury that required surgery. Geico, which insured the car driver at the time of the incident, offered client $70,000 to settle her claim pre-litigation. Heinrich Law, PC recommended to the client that she reject the offer and proceed with the filing of a lawsuit. The client agreed. Shortly after a lawsuit was filed, Geico asked the parties to attend an early mediation. The case then settled at mediation for $150,000.

Daly City – Retiree v. Homeowner (Dog Bite)

Result: $150,000

Client was a retired grandmother who was picking her grandson up from daycare when a dog escaped from homeowner’s garage and bit her on the leg. Client spent time in the hospital after the wound became infected, and required plastic surgery to revise her scarring. The matter was resolved prior to the commencement of litigation.

Castro Valley – Elam v. Wu

Result: $136,000

Mr. Elam was participating in door-to-door ministry with the Jehovah Witnesses when he knocked on the door of the Wu residence. As Ms. Wu opened the door, suddenly and without warning her German Shepherd dog leapt through the doorway and bit Mr. Elam on the face. Mr. Elam suffered a deep avulsion laceration to his face and other more minor injuries. Emergency room treatment and follow up care was required. Mr. Elam recovered from his injuries. Special damages including medical bills and wage loss totaled $5,089.10. Ms. Wu’s homeowners insurance carrier, State Farm, agreed to resolve the claim pre-litigation for $135,876.10.

Concord – Markarian v. Tran

Result: $100,000

Client was a pedestrian crossing at an intersection, but outside the marked crosswalk, when she was struck by a car that was speeding through the same intersection. Despite an adverse finding by the police, Ms. Heinrich and Mr. Wimert inspected the scene of the collision and were thereafter able to prove that the driver of the car was 100% at fault. The matter was resolved prior to the commencement of litigation and involved recoveries against both the at-fault driver and under client’s underinsured motorist coverage.

Oakland – White v. Pritchard

Result: $100,000

Client was a pedestrian crossing in a marked crosswalk when he was struck by a truck who failed to yield, suffering a concussion and soft tissue injuries. The matter was resolved prior to the commencement of litigation.