San Francisco – Garces v. Driver

Result: $250,000

Frank Garces, a highly educated 32 year old man, sustained a head injury as a result of being t-boned at a relatively high rate of speed by a negligent driver who ran a stop sign on Page Mill Road. While Mr. Garces was able to continue working without interruption, he was plagued by headaches, slowed processing speed, cognitive deficits, and difficulties sleeping for more than a year following the incident. The negligent driver’s insurance company, Allstate, agreed to settle the case for their insured’s policy limits of $250,000 after the case was set for trial.

San Jose – Car Driver v. State Farm

Result: $250,000

Client was struck by a drunk driver while stopped in her vehicle at a red light. The drunk driver fled the scene but was later apprehended. It turned out that the drunk driver had stolen his aunt’s car. The drunk driver was an excluded driver under his aunt’s insurance policy with Geico. As a result, Geico denied the claim. Client had an uninsured / underinsured motorist policy with State Farm with limits of $250,000. This policy applied because of Geico’s denial of coverage. Client sustained serious injuries including a broken leg that required surgery. State Farm honored client’s uninsured motorist policy limits demand for $250,000. The claim settled without having to file a lawsuit or proceed to binding arbitration.

Pleasanton – Bosnoyan v. USPS

Result: $200,000

Clients were involved in a car crash caused by United States Postal Service Driver. Mr. and Mrs. Bosnoyan sustained injuries, including a fractured sternum, fractured ribs and soft tissue strains/sprains, when the USPS driver, who was intoxicated, struck the clients’ car in the course of running a red light. The matter resolved pre-litigation pursuant to the United States Federal Tort Claims Act.

San Francisco – John Doe v. Adult Entertainment Club

Result: $235,000

Mr. Doe visited an Adult Entertainment Club where they served him copious amounts of alcohol. He became intoxicated. Mr. Doe got into an altercation with another patron. A club employee, who lacked the requisite training to deal with an unruly patron, jumped on Mr. Doe, causing him a serious leg injury. Heinrich Law hired a security expert who helped prove the club should be held at least partially responsible for the patron’s injuries, having used excessive force to apprehend him.

San Francisco – Cyclist v. A National Rental Car Company

Result: $200,000

Client was a cyclist in San Francisco who was struck by a business traveler making an unsafe left turn through an intersection. Client suffered a displaced fracture of her collarbone. Adverse driver lived in Singapore. Though the adverse driver had returned overseas following the incident, Mr. Wimert obtained a settlement from the driver under the policy of insurance he had purchased when renting a car during his visit to San Francisco.

Oakland – Davila v. Somvichian

Result: $175,000

Client was a cyclist who had a serious crash after a man exiting his vehicle opened the door of his car directly into his path. Client suffered ligament damage to his shoulder which required surgery to repair. After being extensively litigated, this matter resolved at mediation a month before trial.