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COVID-19 and Distracted Driving

Heinrich Law previously addressed the issue of distracted driving in a March 6, 2020 blog. This is an issue that the California Legislature has seen fit to address more aggressively through the implementation of AB 47, which will take effect in July of 2021.

As communities across the Bay Area grapple with the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak, distracted driving has a dangerous new component. We were already living through stressful times. Adding a deadly global pandemic to the mix has only increased the mental stress and strain on drivers everywhere. This, in turn, leads to more distracted driving, putting other drivers and pedestrians at greater risk, especially when navigating crosswalks and intersections.

At Heinrich Law, we are here for you should you fall victim to incidents involving distracted driving. During these increasingly stressful times, we encourage everyone making trips to meet their essential needs to be extra vigilant when navigating Bay Area roads and public walkways.