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Hiring the right expert witness can win a case

Hiring the right expert witness can make or break a case

Personal injury lawyers often hire experts to win their clients’ cases. The best personal injury attorneys hire the right experts to win their cases.

Many personal injury law firms will not hire expert witnesses. Experts – especially the top experts – command fees of many thousands of dollars.

Many personal injury lawyers don’t have the financial resources, the gravitas, or the experience to know how an expert witness can add value, sometimes significant value, to their clients’ case.

Having the expertise, and the courage, to hire the best expert witnesses can be the deciding factor in winning a case.

Insurance companies know which attorneys hire experts and which don’t. And they know which lawyers hire the best experts and which don’t.

At Heinrich Law we are not afraid to pay an expert witness many thousands of dollars to fight big insurance companies and win.

Having handled personal injury cases for over thirty years, Heinrich Law has relationships with the best experts across the state of California and beyond. These experts have top credentials, are often highly educated, and can withstand vigorous cross examinations.

Importantly, the experts we retain understand how to explain complicated concepts to judges, juries, insurance representatives, or opposing attorneys. These are the people who need to understand with clarity the facts we have the burden to prove, such as which party caused a collision when there are no independent witnesses, or how someone could have sustained a brain injury when the imaging studies appear “normal,” or why someone is no longer able to work despite physically appearing as if they can.

Not only does Heinrich Law routinely hire the best experts, we also frequently hire them early in a case. This is to ensure our opponent does not hire them first. It is not uncommon for Heinrich Law to hear that the expert we retained early on in a case is contacted by our opponent later. When the opponent learns that the expert has already been retained on behalf of our client, it knows we are prepared to win the case at all cost.

The magnitude of a victory or settlement for our client can depend on the quality of an expert witness and the timing of their retention. Heinrich Law is prepared to hire the best experts – and hire them early. We are committed to doing what it takes to win.