Walnut Creek – War Veteran v. Health Care Providers

Result: $900,000

Plaintiff was a World War II Veteran, a married, proud father of five children who underwent heart bypass surgery, which was a success. Nonetheless, a cascading series of intertwined errors and mistakes, made by his healthcare providers, led to his development of decubitus ulcers on his heels. These ulcers, which became gangrenous, resulted in the amputation of his left leg. Names confidential as a condition of settlement.

Kelly v. Ford

Result: $875,000

Our client was viciously bitten in the face by a rescue dog after being invited into an acquaintance’s home. The dog’s owners accepted responsibility, but their homeowner’s insurance company initially refused to fully compensate Ms. Kelly for her injuries and damages. Heinrich Law was forced to file a lawsuit after which we worked with an experienced plastic surgeon who examined our client, reviewed her entire medical file, and then rendered opinions regarding the severity of Ms. Kelly’s injuries and residual scarring.

The matter eventually went to mediation where Heinrich Law negotiated a settlement for $875,000, one of the largest settlements on record in California for a dog bite to the face.


Livermore – Bike Rider v. Box Truck

Result: $850,000

A married father of two (2) children, both University students at the time, had his left non-dominant hand crushed when a driver of a box truck negligently made a sudden ill-advised right turn directly into the path of his approaching bicycle, pulling him down onto the ground and running over his hand. The client sustained a severe complex crush injury requiring several surgeries to repair and leaving him with permanent residuals. The matter resolved prior to the filing of a lawsuit, to the delight of the client, who did not want to be entangled in the litigation process.

Saephan v. City of Burlingame

Result: $750,000

Mr. Saephan was seriously injured when a massive tree branch failed and struck him on the head and shoulder while he was attending a picnic at a public park in the City of Burlingame.

Heinrich Law used both publicly available records and expert analysis to investigate the condition of the tree. Through extensive research and expert investigation, Heinrich Law proved the City knew, or should have known, the subject branch constituted a dangerous condition.

Establishing this critical element of Mr. Saephan’s claim against the City afforded Heinrich Law the opportunity to the matter prior to filing a lawsuit.  Less than one year after the incident, Mr. Saephan’s claim was resolved for $750,000, thereby avoiding protracted litigation.


Robinson v. United States of America

Result: $750,000

Our client, John Robinson, was seriously injured due to an unsafe lane change made by a United States Coast Guard employee. The investigating police officers blamed the entire incident on Mr. Robinson. Heinrich Law’s careful analysis of the physical evidence and skillful cross examination of eyewitnesses, and the Coast Guard employee herself, clearly proved the Coast Guard driver was at fault.

Heinrich Law settled the case for $750,000 shortly before trial.


San Leandro – Huang v. M&M Services, Inc.

Result: $715,000

This matter arose out of an industrial accident that occurred at the Davis Street Transfer Center. Huang, while preparing to dump a load of recyclables was struck by a massive metal door which had come loose from a debris box being emptied by an adjacent driver. Huang’s injuries included a displaced and comminuted right ankle fracture which required two (2) surgeries and left him with permanent residuals and a mild traumatic brain injury. The matter settled shortly before trial.