Walnut Creek – Falcon v. Buckhorn

Result: $1.5 Million

Mr. Falcon, while working as a computer field technician, was called to The Buckhorn Restaurant in Walnut Creek to repair a computer. While walking through the kitchen toward the computer, Mr. Falcon slipped on the tile floor, which was covered in an inconspicuous puddle of grease, water, and dish washing liquid spilled from the Buckhorn’s large dish washing sinks. Mr. Falcon slipped backward and fell hard on the ground, landing on his head and upper back. Mr. Falcon suffered a severe concussion, debilitating traumatic migraine headaches, and a cervical spine injury caused by slamming his head onto the Buckhorn’s kitchen floor. Ms. Heinrich litigated and resolved the case on behalf of Mr. Falcon.

Oakland – Crosswalk Walker v. Truck

Result: $1.1 Million

This matter involved personal injuries caused by a pedestrian vs. truck collision. Client was a pedestrian struck by a pickup truck while lawfully crossing the street in downtown Oakland. The driver of the pickup truck, who was in the course and scope of employment at the time of the incident, claimed he was unable to see the client due to the sun being in his eyes. The client broke her arm and hip, both of which required surgical repair. The matter resolved prior to the filing of a lawsuit, largely because of Ms. Heinrich’s insurance defense background, saving the client considerable time and money.

San Francisco - Hidalgo v. NEL Trucks

Result: $994,000

Heinrich Law client Omar Hidalgo was read ended by a tow truck while working for Comcast in San Francisco.

Mr. Hidalgo suffered a herniated disc in his lumbar spine, which triggered severe pain and sciatica down his right leg.

While surgery was not required, the injury forced Mr. Hidalgo to leave his job with Comcast.

Trial was scheduled for April 2021.  After two years of litigation, and a failed mediation, the case settled for $994,000 two weeks before the trial was scheduled to begin.  Please see our blog for a full synopsis and video describing this case.


Livermore – Strong v. Pacheco et al.

Result: $983,835

Mr. Strong suffered a herniated disc following an incident in which his car was struck and run off of the road by a semi-truck on the freeway in Livermore. Following the incident, he was forced to undergo surgery on his lumbar spine and could not return to work. Following a year of litigation, Mr. Strong’s case was settled for the available policy limits.

Oakland – John Doe v. Skilled Nursing Facility

Result: $915,000

Plaintiff was an 87-year-old retired professor who underwent surgery which he tolerated well. While recuperating at a skilled nursing facility he developed a pressure ulcer on his coccyx, which due to reckless neglect, grew into a massive crater, ultimately leading to his death. Names confidential as a condition of settlement.

Walnut Creek – War Veteran v. Health Care Providers

Result: $900,000

Plaintiff was a World War II Veteran, a married, proud father of five children who underwent heart bypass surgery, which was a success. Nonetheless, a cascading series of intertwined errors and mistakes, made by his healthcare providers, led to his development of decubitus ulcers on his heels. These ulcers, which became gangrenous, resulted in the amputation of his left leg. Names confidential as a condition of settlement.